Shade Of Scents

What is your Shade?

one word could not could not define one personality ; therefor is one perfume is not enough to express your own-self . Shades of Scents provide a range of fragrances as divers as the experience that made the customer personality . A person composition free expression of the customer identity at one point of its life.   personality. A personal composition, free expression of the consumer identity

at one point of its life.

What makes us different?


Our fragrances are made of the finest ingredients chosen by our passion driven professional perfumers. We rely on IFRA, the highest safety standard, to insure the quality of our ingredients sourcing. INTERNATIONAL :

Our fragrances have been carefully created to suits international tastes. Delicate and subtle, their smells are perfectly balanced. Aiming to be known internationally, our products will be sold in all modern capital cities across the world ; such as London, Dubai, Shanghai or New York.


We know our clients’ interests and guide them in the customization of their products according to their needs.

We not only help but also educate the consumer to choose and understand which fragrance suits him/her the best at a specific moment and for a special mood. With our lifestyle range of products, we extend the consumer experience inside their home.


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“Reveal the shade within”

 Diverse and subtle, the fragrances we create are made to reflect everyone’s singularity with each scent being a pure souvenir.

Free to be who they are, the consumers will understand and choose the fragrances that best suit them.

Inspiring and generous, Shades of Scents has one goal :

help you being aware of yourself.