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Discover our  EDP range composed by 10 fragrances and find the one which correspond to your personality. 

Hair Mist

Discover our  hair mist range composed by 3 fragrances and completed your perfuming routine 

Home Fragrance

Discover our  air freshener range composed by 3 fragrances & completed your perfuming ritual at home  
Our Bestseller
39.00 K.D
  You truly reflect the protagonist of each story and...
39.00 K.D
You truly reflect your honorable origins. TOP NOTES: rose &...

“Reveal the shade within”

 Diverse and subtle, the fragrances we create are made to reflect everyone’s singularity with each scent being a pure souvenir.

Free to be who they are, the consumers will understand and choose the fragrances that best suit them.

Inspiring and generous, Shades of Scents has one goal :

help you being aware of yourself.